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Ashby Residential College, founded in 1970, is the oldest residential college in North Carolina. We foster a living-learning, holistic academic community grounded in liberal education. Our primary intellectual and social commitment is to global engagement and peace, which includes sustainability, wellness, and human rights. We value faculty-student interactions and emphasize small-seminar classes that meet UNCG General Education Requirements (GEC). In-house programs provide support in terms of advising, library access, research, and writing. Self-governing activities encourage students to integrate and apply knowledge to societal challenges, implement projects that foster personal development, innovation, leadership, and civic engagement.

High School Senior or First-Year College Student?

The Warren Ashby Residential College at Mary Foust Hall is an inclusive two-year program that offers a unique living and learning environment for a co-ed student community of approximately 120 freshmen and sophomores with a limited number of Upper-Class Mentor participants. ARC is a small college but with immediate and complete access to the diverse facilities, programs, and departments of a larger university. ARC provides a setting that encourages innovative study, small classes, unity of academic and social experiences, and close student-faculty contacts.

Ashby students enjoying the last few moments of their retreat at Valle Crucis

Ashby Senior Fellow Candidates

Below are links to the applications of the four candidates for the Ashby Senior Fellow position. Click on each link to read the application, then please leave any comments at the bottom of the page.

Note: Comments can be left anonymously. Comments will only be viewed by the search committee and will not be publicly viewable.